• TruClimate 700
    TruClimate 700

WaterFurnace’s new TruClimate 700 Modular Screw Chiller, available in 90, 115 or 140 tonne units, offers a variable speed, single-screw solution that is ideal for large tonnage commercial and industrial applications with varying load requirements and higher water temperatures up to 145 degrees.

Designed utilizing proven field-tested technology, this modular screw compressor chiller has a small footprint with 140 tonnes of capacity and fits through a standard 36" doorway.

Each module can be individually isolated from other modules in the building for servicing without interrupting operation to other modules in the bank. With the ability to bank and control up to 1,400 tons, this modularity simplifies installation and serviceability.

By meeting high lift requirements even when the speed is reduced, the TruClimate 700 Modular Screw Chiller provides exceptional energy savings at high load conditions and provides premium value for new and existing buildings with varying load conditions.

The heat recovery capabilities of this product are ideal for replacing gas fired boilers. This unit's high efficiency screw compressor also features variable speed control.

This allows the system to ramp itself up and down as needed to achieve maximum performance—and maximum comfort. With the field-proven HydroLink Aurora controls platform that offers set-point control, trending and diagnostics, it's easy to service and easy to access.

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