• Modine’s strategy is to pursue the highest value opportunities.
    Modine’s strategy is to pursue the highest value opportunities.

Modine has announced the sale of its corrosion protection facilities in California and Florida in the United States to Protecall.

Sale of the facilities, which provide aftermarket application services in which HVAC units are coated with anti-corrosion protection, will be completed at the end of September.

Modine president and CEO, Neil Brinker, said the sale continues a process the company started in 2021 with the closure of its Pompano Beach facility.

He said it reflects Modine’s strategy to pursue the highest value opportunities.

“The divestiture of these Coatings facilities shows our commitment to focusing on proven technologies and services that can accelerate profitable growth, such as product licensing,” Brinker said.

“Modine will continue to own and license the spray-applied coatings used in aftermarket applications. “

Modine currently has more than 100 licensed applicators in the Americas region.

Vice president and general manager of Modine Coatings, Mike Powell, said the company has a long-term licensing partnership with Protecall.

“We are looking forward to continuing our focus on expanding Modine's Certified Applicator Program, providing access for equipment and coil manufacturers to our network of coaters, and identifying new market segments for Modine's coatings technologies,” Powell said.