MTA SpA has been focused on product development to meet the upcoming ERP2021 energy reduction program for Europe as well as meeting local energy benchmarks in Australia.

Key development areas for the MTA range of air-cooled water chillers include new additions to TAEevo Tech.

This range of scroll compressor air-cooled process chillers now covers nominal cooling capacities between 8 to 259 kWr as well as key energy saving technologies such as electronic expansion valves, variable speed condenser fans and oversized condensers to reduce compressor discharge pressures and increase maximum ambient run temperatures.

The Aries Tech 2 has undergone a complete redesign.

The Aries Tech scroll compressor air cooled chiller range now offers nominal cooling capacities of 162 to 615kWr.

This range now comes as standard with shell & tube evaporators, V configuration condenser coils, optional internal chilled water buffer tanks with choice of single or dual water pumps. There is also wider choice on refrigerant type, there is standard with R410A or opt for a lower GWP refrigerant, R545B.

MTA has also undertaken further development on the Phoenix Plus 2 range.

This range of screw compressor air cooled chillers now covers a cooling capacity range of 375 to 1500 kWr. The Phoenix Plus 2 range incorporate Bitzer screw type compressors with 3 different refrigerant options, being standard R134a, or the choice of lower GWP options of R513A or HFO R1234ze.

For further details on the MTA product range visit our website or contact us on 1300 304 177 / email


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