Delta Controls' cutting-edge O3 Sensor Hub 2.0 – an IoT-enabled sensor featuring temperature/humidity sensing, occupancy detection and wireless integration – was on show last month at the AHR Expo 2020.

The O3 Sensor Hub 2.0, which features a compact design, bundles multiple sensors into one device.

Designed to enhance occupant experience, this new solution integrates a variety of sensors – temperature, humidity, occupancy and light – to revolutionize how buildings respond to tenant needs.

The system acts as an IoT hub to turn on projectors and TVs, dim lighting and adjust air flow at the building and room level, among other functions. This reduces setup time and improves the rooms' appearance by eliminating multiple sensor installations and locations with a single sensor hub.

Under the theme “Smarter Buildings, Smarter Cities,” the Expo booth featured a simulated cityscape and visitors followed a road to learn how various solutions fit into Delta’s smart cities vision.

The general manager of Delta's Building Automation Business Group, Bill Lo, said intelligent cities rely on effortless communication between devices and systems at every level while next generation buildings require smart building control, surveillance, lighting and other related solutions.


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