• The YORK YVAA variable speed drive screw chiller
    The YORK YVAA variable speed drive screw chiller

Johnson Controls has released the latest evolution to the YORKYVAA variable speed drive screw chiller for the entire global product line.

The award-winning chiller now features increased operating efficiency, a reduced footprint and integration with low-GWP refrigerants.

The chiller also offers more flexibility with expanded configuration options at each cooling capacity along with a reduction in sound levels.

Installed widely around the globe, the YORK YVAA variable speed drive screw chiller features a patented, liquid-cooled variable speed drive that is designed to improve reliability and performance with a customizable, highly optimized design.

The YVAA chiller is highlighted by advanced technologies including series flow evaporators, microchannel condenser coils and EC fans to create higher levels of full and part load efficiency.

With optional Quick Start technology and lower requirements for maintenance (with glycol replacement only required every five years), the YVAA air-cooled screw chiller offers solutions for mission critical applications in harsh environments.

With more than 22,000 units installed globally, the YVAA VSD screw chiller has excelled in a variety of applications.

It produces 15 to 25 per cent annual savings, IPLV as high as 21.3 EER and up to 0.25 kW/TR reduction in energy use when replacing existing chillers.

After power is interrupted, it can take a standard chiller up to 10 minutes to restart. But with the Quick Start feature, YVAA chillers can restart within seconds after power is restored. YVAA chillers feature an industry-leading compressor restart (upon power being restored) of 34 seconds.

Because YVAA chillers contain a variable-speed drive, there is no inrush of current. As a result, all compressors can be started together. This allows a faster ramp-up to full capacity than possible with a typical chiller.

The variable-speed design dramatically reduces sound levels at off-design conditions, up to 16 dBA. The 100 per cent liquid-cooled VSD is standard on the YVAA.

The YVAA also incorporates advanced, patented variable volume index (VI) technology in a proven design. It optimizes the compression ratio of the compressor to match the conditions between the evaporator and condenser.

This optimized compression ratio prevents over-compression to minimize energy consumption. Every compressor is run-tested at the end of the production line to ensure reliable operation.

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