Midea has unveiled its latest flagship product BreezeleSS+ which will be available in June this year.

BreezeleSS+ is being promoted as a high performer in the following areas - Speed, Soft, Surround, Silence, Saving and Smart.

Midea said it has positioned the all-new BreezeleSS+ for those who demand 'real comfort'. The unit was unveiled at C&R, a leading trade fair in Europe.

The “BreezeleSS+ Tech System is an all-new fast cooling experience - its air-outlet temperature can drop to 23 Celsius within 40 seconds, and also decrease the room temperature within a minute.

With the extraordinary 70mm full-width opening angle of the air outlet at the front and turbo-speed operation of the cross-flow fan wheel, the coolness can be quickly generated and can spread quickly across a room.

Each BreezeleSS+ is equipped with Midea’s exclusive “TwinFlap”, a twin deflector structure with 7928 mini-holes, allowing the air conditioner to direct and tenderly disperse the coolness.

The mini-holes are designed in different directions and sizes to instantly soften and disperse the cool airflow. The BreezeleSS+ also provides the 360° surround technology for even and rapid cooling, owing to the exclusively designed S-Winged Side Air-outlet.

“It’s a revolutionary immersive cooling experience that frees people from getting cold aches because of the stiff and strong wind drafts that used to be seen as inevitable,” Midea said in a statement.

“Instead customers get a sensation that truly satisfies, just like Zephyr, the wind god.”

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