Carel has launched a highly-digitised system comprising connected devices, mobile APP, cloud portal, data analytics and predictive logic.

Last month Carel presented its new Applica mobile app and Armilla cloud portal for data management, designed specifically for beverage companies and their partners.

Applica completely changes the user experience in the field for installers and maintenance personnel, providing simple and intuitive interaction with the units, according to the company's local and remote monitoring platform manager, Serena Ometto.

“In this digital era, all systems can transfer operating parameters and indicators for use in any type of analysis. The latest challenge then is to transform this data into useful information for different types of users”, Ometto said.

To meet these needs, Carel developed Armilla, an intelligent system for processing the acquired data.

“By exploiting our thermodynamic expertise and experience in this business, data is collected and presented in the form of clearly understandable charts and dashboards,” Ometto said.

“After processing the data, raw parameters are transformed into useful information to support the marketing and service decisions of beverage companies and their partners.

“The portal offers statistical analysis of how the coolers are actually used in the field, highlighting any deviations from expected behaviour.”


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