DB (Australia), in partnership with Quantum Engineering Group, recently delivered two pre-fabricated chilled water modules to the new Archie Rose distillery in Sydney.

One of the modules provided 725kW of chilled water capacity for the process cooling while the other module provided 75kW of low temperature chilled water for the chill filtration process.

The modules were fabricated off site and comprise chillers, pumps, automatic make up water system, cooling tower chemical water treatment, side stream filtration, chemical dosing pot and all associated interconnecting pipework, flow meters, sensors and electrical and control wiring.

All that is left to do on-site is the final connections to the hydraulic, electrical and controls infrastructure.

DB (Australia) director, Robbert Frielink, said customers benefit from pre-fabrication because it minimises work on-site saving time and money.

“It is also good for quality control since the modules are built off-site under controlled conditions and without any time pressure,” he said.

“Modules are pre-fabricated while chillers are being manufactured this means they can be dropped onto the skid and connected ready for site installation as soon as the chillers arrive in Australia.”

Archie Rose Distilling Company is a Sydney-based distillery known for its handcrafted gin, vodka and whisky. (

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