To provide installers with a new option for projects with limited space outdoors and in the ceiling cavity, Fujitsu General Australia will be adding an 18kW high static three-phase ducted air conditioner to its Infinity range in early 2021.

This 18kW option will include a narrow 480mm outdoor unit and lightweight (69kg) indoor unit.

The narrow outdoor unit provides more options when finding a suitable location, while the lightweight indoor unit offers installation flexibility and is less labour intensive.

Able to be separated into a fan unit and heat exchanger, this system makes installation within the roof cavity of existing homes easier, and an optional Truss Transition Kit can assist when installing the indoor unit around and between existing roof trusses.

To ensure the indoor unit delivers the optimum airflow throughout the home, the remote control can be used during installation to automatically set the static pressure and adjust the airflow.

The new 18kW Infinity ducted air conditioner will be compatible with zone control and the Fujitsu General anywAiR technology ducted controller. Zone control ensures different areas in the unit or home can be set up for optimal indoor comfort and energy management.

The optional anywAiR technology ducted controller will also allow the user to control the air conditioner with a compatible smart phone or tablet anytime, anywhere using the anywAiR app.

According to Kyle Rafter, national product manager, Fujitsu General, the new 18kW unit will meet industry demand from air conditioning specialists and consumers for more flexible ducted options that can be installed in existing homes.

"This unit is also in line with market trends and is ideal for new installations in multi residential blocks or larger homes where outdoor space is often restricted," he said.

 As with all Fujitsu General products, the Infinity 18kW ducted air conditioning system will come with a five-year parts and labour warranty as well as access to Fujitsu General’s in-house customer care and technical support team, Fujitsu General Assist, for ongoing, local support.


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