ebm-papst Australia and New Zealand has won the 2018 AIRAH award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion.

The award was accepted by the company's managing dire ctor,Simon Bradwell, and technical manager, Martina Heine.

With a staff of 42 across 3 sales office locations, only 17 team members were born in Australia or New Zealand.

Overall, ebm-papst ANZ represents 15 different nationalities and half of the employees are female.

ebm-papst ANZ hires engineers for both product development and sales roles. The majority of the product development/engineering team are women.

In the Australian manufacturing industry only 24.8% are women compared to 43.6% at ebm-papst.

Speaking at the event, Heine gave an empowered speech about the lack of female representation in engineering.

“Diversity is linked to increased innovation, productivity, performance and growth,” she said.

“These advantages should encourage us all to employ staff of diverse backgrounds.

“We need to employ more female engineers and allow them to grow within our company. By doing that, we can make our industry more innovative and even better than it is already.”

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