In the face of the nation’s alarmingly high electricity costs, Australia’s 2.1 million actively trading businesses are looking for effective ways to reduce power consumption.

With air conditioning system running costs accounting for a high percentage of the energy used in commercial buildings, it makes good business sense to install a system that is both innovative and energy efficient.

To put the power back into the hands of businesses, Seeley International recently bolstered its commercial refrigerated options with the latest 5th generation Braemar by Seeley International Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) range.

The new Braemar VRF range is perfectly suited to large commercial projects, luxury homes and apartment developments, and includes mini VRF and larger capacity VRF heat pump and heat recovery systems that feature high efficiency partial load performance resulting in outstanding energy-efficiency.

Greater design flexibility now sees a total of twelve indoor unit options, which include ceiling concealed duct-type units, ceiling mounted cassettes, wall mounted inverter split systems, floor ceiling type and wall console units, as well as outside air processing units; providing a wide range of design options.

In addition to outstanding energy-efficiency, the range offers excellent airflow and performance due to a seven speed direct current (DC) inverter fan motor, DC outdoor motor and DC compressor.

The Braemar VRF range also features greater integration with Building Management Systems (BMS), powerful and intelligent commissioning software and a range of smart management options and communication technologies, including central controllers and communication gateways, all with the aim to simplify installation and provide a variety of control and monitoring options.

A standout feature of the new Braemar VRF models is its wide temperate operation, ranging from - 20°C ~ 52°C.

The new VRF range extends Seeley International’s current product offering of refrigerated products under the Braemar brand, and complements its range of other commercial products, which include Climate Wizard and Coolerado indirect evaporative air conditioning, Braemar evaporative air conditioning, and AIRA commercial air conditioning, heating and the HCV range.

Combining the 5th generation Braemar VRF with Climate Wizard indirect evaporative technology can successfully resolve a variety of heat load and comfort challenges, with Climate Wizard’s unique indirect evaporative heat exchange core providing hyper-efficient cooling of outside air.

When combined with a VRF, it reduces the load on refrigerated products, extending the life of equipment and reducing the electrical kW demand.

This pre-cooling method is a simple and reliable solution, and is an extremely cost effective way of cooling outside air required by refrigerated systems.

To further boost the commercial advantages of the Climate Wizard range of products, the CW-P15 version of the multi award-winning hyper-efficient Climate Wizard has several exciting new features, including an ability to vary temperatures whilst maintaining constant air flow.

It has already received the thumbs up from commercial customers, with a number putting the CW-P15 through its paces in real-world conditions at several trial locations and reaping the enhanced energy-efficiency and market-leading performance on offer.

The lower profile and reduced overall dimensions of the CW-P15 achieves remarkable space-saving opportunities, with units able to be stacked or installed side-by-side.

The CW-P15, which comes with polymer shell casing offers the perfect temperature control solution for large commercial spaces.

Add in simplified access and handling for installation, connection, easier service and maintenance access, integrated lifting points, and constant supply through low pressure ducts, and it’s clear this is set to become a market leader.

New axial fans, which have a sickle blade/air-foil design, add to the model’s unrivalled efficiency, and use single phase rather than traditional three phase power, and come with washable filters easily accessed from the front or back when servicing.

Seeley International has a solution-focused approach to resolving commercial clients’ needs. With the option of offering one of the Braemar refrigerated products, an AIRA commercial cooling and heating solution, a Braemar Industrial cooler, a Climate Wizard indirect evaporative air conditioning system or a combination of these - a unique tailor made solution is possible.

With the introduction of the new Braemar VRF range a wider range of solutions can now be offered resulting in innovative, energy efficient heating and cooling options with easy installation, flexible design options; making meeting client’s needs much more straightforward.

As an Australian manufacturer, Seeley International continues to go from strength to strength, while many others are closing doors or downsizing.

A business-wide approach of leading the industry through innovation is a strategy that has proved successful time and again.

By the time a competitor replicates a Seeley International product it has already been superseded by newer technology. A quick glance in the company awards cabinet that is bursting at the seams thanks to an unwavering commitment to innovation is one of the biggest independent testimonies of Seeley International.

The company employs 550 people, holds more than 300 patents and exports to more than 120 countries. It has a nationwide dealer network in Australia with overseas bases in four countries and is actively looking for new dealers to represent its Braemar range of refrigerated air conditioning systems including the new Braemar VRF product range in Australia.

For commercial projects involving VRF products contact commercial sales general manager, Michael Hamilton on 0416 222 460. For residential, contact the general manager for Australian residential sales, Shane Chisholm, on 0416 222 150 or vist

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