Daikin has announced the release of its new VRV H and R Series.

Available from November 2018, VRV H is Daikin’s next generation VRV Heat Pump series whilst VRV R, refers to the new VRV Heat Recovery range.

Both VRV H and R are equipped with Daikin’s unique VRT Smart technology, whilst a new ‘K’ Type Compressor is applicable to some models on the VRV H series.

A step-up from its predecessor VRT or Variable Refrigerant Temperature controls, the technology behind Daikin’s VRT Smart delivers improved part-load operations and better comfort for occupants.

It incorporates variable air volume control of the indoor fan coil integrated with refrigerant temperature control from the condenser to deliver a system which responds rapidly to indoor load changes.

Enhancing the capability of the range is the utilisation of the new ‘K’ Type Compressor on selected Heat Pump models. The compressor features a new state-of-the-art back-pressure control mechanism that improves low load operation by up to 15% when compared to VRV IV.

The VRV H and R series are compatible with Daikin’s complete range of VRV indoor units for an enhanced choice for customers including their new range of Round Flow Cassettes and Single Flow Cassettes.

The VRV H and R series are available in either Standard or High COP models with capacities from 16kW up to 168kW.

To find out more, visit or call 1300 368 300.

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