It can be a challenge finding space for refrigeration racks that is until Advansor released its newest product ValuePack II.

It is delivered as a single unit but can be split into three pieces on site.  No walls need to be knocked down to get this rack moved in. It can even fit into elevators as it is only 800mm wide.

ValuePack II is especially developed for food retail stores and light industrial applications like cold room storage, bakeries and process cooling.

Even though the ValuePack II has a nominal effect of up to 136 kW, the core module only takes up the same floor space as a euro pallet. Besides the economic benefits, the small footprint also makes the handling of a bigger capacity rack easier.

ValuePack II is extremely energy efficient. Previously, ejectors were only available on larger racks.

Advansor technical director, Kenneth Bank Madsen, said the company has combined low cost ejectors that are easy to manage with a permanent magnet motor and cylinder unloading technology.

“Market interest in CO2 transcritical systems has grown dramatically in the past years as technology developments such as ejectors help to overcome their operational limitations in warm climates,” he said.

“The compressor rack has been tested for more than a year in Advansor’s own lab and in field tests. The results show that the lift of the ejector gives up to 7 bar higher suction. This combined with the high-efficient compressors and low part load gives an energy saving of approximately 15 per cent in a warm climate.”


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