After an incredibly tumultuous year, Australians are now returning to public spaces such as restaurants, hotels and shopping centres.

Proprietors are now considering how they can create stylish and desirable destinations, which also keep patrons comfortable and safe. This includes HVAC systems, which are an integral part of the social experience of these venues.

With the need for social distancing continuing into the foreseeable future, service-based industries will need to be flexible in the way they utilise and maximise space.

For example, restaurants and hotels still have distancing restrictions in place for patrons. Public health restrictions such as limiting venues to one person per two square metres or 25 people, means proprietors need to think carefully about how they can create comfortable dining environments.

Linda Louskos, marketing manager air conditioning at LG Electronics Australia said the pandemic had played a big role in changing HVAC customer needs during the past 12 months.

“Proprietors have had to think carefully about the use of space in their premises. They are looking for flexible HVAC solutions that can meet changes to their venue, as well as focusing on style and efficiency,” Louskos said.

“LG partners are taking a more consultative approach to HVAC design, working with building managers and proprietors to help deliver the most comfortable environment possible.”

LG has been developing HVAC solutions such as the Round Cassette solution which combines great looks with versatile performance.

Introduced to the Australian market in 2020, its exquisite round shape design, compact form factor and clean colour scheme makes the Round Cassette ideal for any luxurious indoor space - including cafes, retail shops and commercial spaces.

But the Round Cassette is more than just a pretty face. Its circular shape eliminates blind spots for more effective airflow coverage. With low noise emission, the Round Cassette is even ideal for quiet spaces such as fine dining restaurants.

The Round Cassette is convenient to install and maintain. The condensate drainage pipe and refrigerant piping are bundled together and the control box is located outside the unit, making it easy for installers and technicians to have easy access. The LG Round Cassette is a great HVAC solution for luxury and comfort.


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