The true mark of an organisation is its ability to adapt to the changing technological environments in which it exists.

Every day, innovative concepts are being discovered and in order to stay relevant in the eyes of consumers and commercial entities, companies, including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia, must adapt their products and services to remain competitive.

As a leading supplier of top-quality residential and commercial air conditioners, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has combined thoughtful innovation and craftsmanship to develop the new Bronte reverse cycle air conditioner range.

Innovation has been central to the organisation and underpins every aspect of the Bronte Range.

Fostering Japan’s technological leadership and in combination with the organisation’s heritage in engineering, aviation and spacecraft leadership, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has achieved unrivalled success in Australia and New Zealand.

It is this success that has led to two of the reverse cycle models in the Bronte Range being Choice Recommended as of June 2017.

The Bronte Range has outperformed others in cooling efficiency, scoring in the top percentile of the Choice Recommended reports. This powerful performer in the market is designed to create a comfortable room environment and uses the R32 refrigerant to increase its energy efficiency.

Engineered using the same blade technology as jet engine planes, this series features remarkably long reach airflow of up to 18 metres (SRK71ZRA-W/SRK80ZRA-W/SRK24YRA-W in cooling conditions).

Ideal for larger rooms, this system provides climate consistency and a powerful, yet silent air flow, according to the company's senior advisor, Graham Hamilton.

“The heart of our design philosophy is the consumer. We want to provide them with the solutions that make work and life that much more comfortable,” Hamilton said.

“We understand that the quality of air being circulated by our systems is important to the consumer. They want a pure and cleaner air flow which is why we have included both the Allergen Clear and Photocatalytic Washable Deodorising Filters to the Bronte Range.”

With these filters, pollen, lice and allergens are cleared to produce a cleaner air flow. On top of this, the filters also keep the air fresh by deodorising the molecules that accumulate in the system and cause odour.

“The good thing about the function of the Photocatalytic Washable Deodorising Filter is that it can be restored by simply cleaning and exposing the filter to sunlight,” Hamilton said.

“This means that users will be able to continually deodorise the molecules in their system with no added costs.”

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