• Innovative HeatCO2OL range
    Innovative HeatCO2OL range

Carrier Commercial Refrigeration has launched its innovative HeatCO2OL range of heat pumps.

Featuring a compact, efficient design that uses renewable energy sources, Carrier’s portfolio of HeatCO2OL products can reduce carbon emissions and help customers accelerate their sustainability efforts, all delivered with a low total cost of ownership.

The HeatCO2OL heat pump’s innovative design draws power from both natural and what would otherwise be wasted heat sources and combines this with the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a natural refrigerant.

This offers a more sustainable energy supply solution to heat or cool commercial buildings, district heating grids, as well as a range of industrial processes.

The company’s industrial sales manager, Gary Fuller, said the HeatCO2OL range can sit at the heart of any ‘smart city,’ offering an environmentally responsible energy solution that can help customers of all sizes reduce their carbon footprint.

The HeatCO2OL units can supplement traditional boilers with hot water up to 90°C, as well as provide sustainable cooling that can replace existing comfort or process chillers.

Three different temperature grades can be managed simultaneously on the same system, and by connecting units in parallel, customers can gain access to a heating capacity between 40kW and 8MW.

Customers can also access Carrier Commercial Refrigeration’s remote monitoring and preventive maintenance technology.