• Aira Group CEO, Martin Lewerth.
    Aira Group CEO, Martin Lewerth.

Swedish based clean energy-tech company, Aira, launched in Italy, as part of its mission to take Europe off gas and accelerate decarbonisation.

Aira’s ambition is to serve five million households across Europe, of which 1 million are in Italy, with affordable clean energy-tech solutions over the next 10 years.

Aira offers an ecosystem of clean energy-tech solutions including intelligent heat pumps, solar panels, battery storage and electricity tariffs. With Aira, Italian households will save 55 per cent on energy related costs and reduce CO₂ compared to current fossil fuel-based solutions.

Clean energy-tech champion Aira launches its Italian operations to tackle Europe’s third largest emitting sector of CO2 – residential heating. Its innovative and accessible clean energy-tech solution, with an intelligent heat pump at the heart, will help Italian households significantly reduce heating bills and carbon emissions. 

In Italy, 67 per cent of households still use fossil fuels for heating, a practice that plays a significant role in the residential heating sector's contribution of 12 per cent to the nation’s total CO2 emissions. The electrification of heating is a critical enabler for Italy and for Europe to meet its Fit-for-55 targets.

By switching from a gas boiler to a heat pump, households will save more than 40 per cent on heating costs and reduce both energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 75 per cent, without making any lifestyle changes.

Aira makes the switch affordable and accessible with a unique offering comprising an all-inclusive plan, a comfort guarantee, and 30-day order to installation commitment – with zero upfront cost. Additionally, Italian customers benefit from a subsidised financing solution and support obtaining tax deductions, enabling a low monthly payment plan. 

Aira is now spearheading clean energy-tech for every home to drive electrification, to reduce customer heating bills and to get Italy off gas:

Today, Aira Italy is a team of 150 people, consisting of clean energy experts, technicians, and commercial roles.

The plan is to hire 4000 employees over the next decade and to establish Aira Academies across Italy for training its clean energy experts. 

Aira Italy CEO, Mats Ulriksson, said the goal is to build a brighter and greener future.

Aira Group CEO, Martin Lewerth, said the company will accelerate the important and much needed transition from dirty gas boilers to clean heat pumps.