A leading supplier of compact brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs), SWEP, has announced the addition of the B85S medium-size, high-capacity model to its existing All-Stainless product range.   

The new model is highly efficient, with a higher thermal performance than any comparable heat exchangers, SWEP said.

It also has a smaller pressing depth as compared to previous generations for a more compact design, while still featuring large ports to cope with high capacities.

The B85S is ideal for most types of low-capacity chiller applications and high-performance heat pumps. It covers a wide capacity range in district heating substations and is a proven oil cooler for compressors and hydraulics.

In addition to its new design, as part of the All-Stainless product range, it is durable, compact, and designed for the most demanding heat transfer applications that often use aggressive media such as ammonia, deionized water systems, or fluids with high sulphur content, all of which can be corrosive to copper. 

SWEP segment manager, Frida Cullin, said the B855 is a great addition to its All-Stainless portfolio.

“This new model offers high performance, high efficiency and high reliability in a very compact design that excels in handling the most demanding heat transfer needs,” Cullin said.

As with all BPHEs, the absence of gaskets or loose parts in the All-Stainless heat exchangers, including the B85S, makes them robust, low maintenance units.

All-Stainless lessens the need for unit replacement due to copper corrosion and, due to its copper-free materials, requires infrequent oil changes.

Cullin said the units do not need to be disassembled for cleaning, thus keeping maintenance to a minimum, and avoiding costly man-hours and downtime when in operation.

The B85S is produced with SWEP's BPHE process technology, resulting in a compact product with minimal material usage relative to its mechanical strength. The modular concept allows for optimal application fit, where choice of plate and materials can be varied, all while keeping short lead- and installation times.


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