• B222 from SWEP
    B222 from SWEP

Supplier of compact brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs), SWEP, has expanded its stainless steel range by introducing the B222 large-size model.

All-Stainless is a range of durable, compact and efficient BPHEs for the most demanding applications using aggressive mediums, such as ammonia, deionized water system, or fluids with high sulfur content, all of which can be corrosive to copper.

All-Stainless is designed to suit a wide range of industrial applications requiring high corrosion resistance and contamination tolerance as well as the ability to operate in high temperatures.

In late 2021, the B221 was added as the first large-size model to enhance a strong and diversified portfolio of existing small and medium-sized models.

Introducing the B222 as the latest large-size addition complements this highly robust and efficient range, now with a total of six All-Stainless products created to serve a variety of situations, according to SWEP segment manager, Frida Cullin.

"All-Stainless is the natural choice for the most demanding applications that require an alternative to copper,”Cullin said.

“The range combines robustness and durability with high heat transfer efficiency all delivered in a small construction.

“With the two recent large-size additions of B221 and B222, each with unique features, we offer one of the most diversified and strong All-Stainless ranges of compact and efficient heat exchangers on the market today.”

Details at: www.swep.net.

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