• Solstice 454B
    Solstice 454B

Bosch’s newest line of heat pumps will incorporate Honeywell’s energy-efficient Solstice low-global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant.

As part of this collaboration, Bosch technicians will be trained in the safe maintenance and installation of these next generation low-GWP solutions.

Bosch’s Florida Heat Pump series will use Solstice 454B, designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning by 78 per cent compared to traditional refrigerants.

With the integration of Honeywell Solstice, Bosch’s heat pumps will be able to use a combination of both electricity and refrigerants to move heat, providing an energy-efficient alternative to heating and cooling via traditional furnaces and air conditioners.

Honeywell Advanced Materials president, Jeff Domo, said the company continues to pioneer next-generation refrigerants for the industry that enable its global partners to meet their carbon footprint targets.

The heating and cooling industry is undergoing a significant change in refrigerants, driven primarily by regulations under the EPA American Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Act in the United States.

To help installers prepare for the transition, Honeywell and Bosch are also partnering together to share important technical information on the refrigerant change, and to ensure technicians know the best practices for safe handling, maintenance and installation of these new refrigerants.

President & CEO of Bosch Home Comfort North America, Alexander Wuthnow, said the company values professional training on both the technology and best practices for safely installing the equipment as designed.

“As the industry pivots to lower global warming potential refrigerants, contractor education will become even more critical in 2024 and beyond,” he said.