The Federal Government will invest a further $275.5 million in four new clean hydrogen hubs.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the funding will be used to accelerate the development of four additional clean hydrogen hubs in regional Australia and implement a clean hydrogen certification scheme.

Morrison said the world was changing rapidly and Australia will need to be competitive in a new energy economy to support the jobs of Australians, especially in heavy industries and regional areas that depend on affordable and reliable energy.

“There is a strong appetite from business for the new emissions reduction technologies that they know will be needed to run their operations and keep employing Australians and grow jobs for the future,” Morrison said.

“Australia can and will continue to meet and beat our emissions reduction commitments, while protecting and growing jobs, by commercialising low emissions technologies like hydrogen.

“Our technology-first approach will see Australia achieve its emissions reduction goals while continuing to grow our export industries and also supporting our trading partners’ efforts to decarbonise.”

Australian Hydrogen Council CEO Dr. Fiona Simon said the funding for clean hydrogen hubs is exactly the kind of investment needed to propel the Australian hydrogen industry forward to ensure it is competitive globally.

“Implementing a clean hydrogen certification process is a critical step that will give our trading partners confidence of the emissions, origin and energy sources associated with hydrogen produced in Australia,” she said.

“Australia can step up to the mark and be a leader in hydrogen exports, while also creating thousands of sustainable jobs at home.”

Australia will establish a hydrogen technology cluster in every state and territory as the country takes steps to unlock its potential and create a globally competitive hydrogen industry.

A network of 13 regional clusters was unveiled in January by National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) as part of a drive to establish a nationwide hydrogen cluster.


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