South Australian company, Clipsal, has moved into the solar business providing systems and services to deliver cheaper, cleaner electricity.

The company will offer advice, accredited services, bespoke solar systems, and easy to use analytics to manage electricity generation and use in the home, office or small business.

Speaking at the launch of the new Clipsal Solar business, South Australian Premier, Steven Marshall, said this initiative fits perfectly with the State Government’s policies to deliver cheaper, more reliable and cleaner electricity.

“Clipsal has a renowned culture of innovation with some of Australia’s best designers, engineers and developers working in Adelaide,” he said.

Clipsal Solar CEO, Preeti Bajaj, said the company is stepping up to be the independent advisor South Australians can trust and rely on, to help them lower their electricity bills by 50 to 80%.

“We want to help people turn sunny days into free electricity days,” Bajaj said.

“We undertook one of the deepest customer research projects on domestic energy ever undertaken, so we could better understand what customers thought about energy, their bills, solar and the installation sector.

“We were astounded at the findings highlighting their confusion, mistrust and hesitation to make a decision.

“We are a proud local business that provides electrical equipment and accessories for four out of every five Australian homes, and we understood we had an important role to play in helping South Australians transition to cheaper energy by using trusted and experienced Clipsal Solar accredited installers,” she said.

Clipsal Solar can talk to customers about making existing solar systems work better, outline options for solar power storage batteries and explain how to use analytics technology with an easy to use phone or table app.

The company has introduced the Clipsal Solar’s Pulse app which monitors a solar system’s operations and a household’s energy usage.

Bajaj said every feature of the app was designed in response to feedback from South Australian customers. She said it's built to remove any confusion around billing; help lower the cost of electricity; provide trustworthy and credible energy advice; and help clarify the solar return on investment.

Clipsal is a 99-year-old business of Schneider Electric that’s taking new technologies and making a real difference in peoples’ lives, according to Gareth O’Reilly, Schneider Electric’s Zone President and Managing Director, Pacific.

“Schneider Electric has provided venture funding to develop Clipsal Solar as a start-up business, nurtured by Preeti and her team outside of our normal corporate structures,” he said.


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