The Climate Wizard CW6S is welcome news for small-medium businesses across the aged care, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, fitness and retail sectors as well as offices and schools.

Drawing on the commercial pedigree of its multi-award-winning Climate Wizard product, Seeley International has enhanced this market-leading technology by making it more compact and including the option of integrated heating and cooling to achieve the perfect environment for businesses of all types and sizes.

The CW6S is the world’s most advanced cooling system or dual heating and cooling system and offers innovative technology for businesses wanting next level energy-efficiency, automated year-round comfort, and superbly functional design.

This Australian-developed technology uses an indirect evaporative counter-flow heat exchange core to provide hyper-efficient cooling of outside air, achieving greatly reduced energy consumption compared to equivalent refrigerated systems and delivers fresh air into the space.

In fact, the CW6S can achieve up to 80 per cent energy savings when in cooling mode and as much as 50 per cent energy savings when operating as a dual system, compared to an equivalent reverse cycle air conditioner.

The CW6S delivers 100 per cent fresh air in addition to achieving hyper-efficient cooling temperatures that could previously only be achieved by reverse cycle systems, allowing workers and their customers to enjoy a much healthier environment.

That is critically important for the estimated 20 per cent of Australians who suffer from allergies, including asthma.  The ever-changing weather means it is often difficult to enjoy fresh air but still maintain constant indoor temperatures, which is where CW6S comes into a league of its own.

Climate Wizard technology has been successfully operating in a range of larger commercial applications for over 10 years so applying the technology to a range of smaller commercial settings has allowed Seeley to remove the need to have 3-phase power like our larger commercial applications – meaning CW6S can be easily installed in most Australian businesses.

It delivers a superb level of climate comfort, achieves remarkable energy savings, and delivers fresh air by using MicroCore technology.

 The CW6S cooling unit is easily and discretely positioned on the roof thanks to a much smaller footprint and weight compared to its larger Climate Wizard commercial counterpart.



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