• Q-Ton system from MHI
    Q-Ton system from MHI

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has supplied Q Ton heat pumps to the Lancaster Hall Hotel in the heart of London.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries connected two Q-ton to two 2,000 litre hot water storage tanks.

There are two separate boiler rooms with completely segregated hot water and heating systems utilising five boilers running at different pressures in order to cater for 250 people on site.

The system is now fully operational and supplies 12,000 litres per day of domestic hot water at 65°C.

The hotel is now saving up to 40 per cent in running costs compared to their existing boiler and delivered 45 per cent savings on carbon emission.

The Q-ton uses CO2 to produce hot water ranging from 60˚C-90˚C, holding efficiencies when operating right up to 70˚C, which is required by the hotel to combat legionella.

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