• K Bloc from Kelvion.
    K Bloc from Kelvion.

Kelvion has launched an online platform for the hydrogen industry.

Green hydrogen is a key element on the road to climate neutrality. The colourless gas can make an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in the energy sector, in the chemical and steel industries and in transport.

Although at present the hydrogen industry is still in its infancy, the topic is gaining momentum around the world.

Kelvion has developed K°Focus Hydrogen so that plant manufacturers and operators can quickly and easily find out about suitable heat exchanger solutions.

The value chain in the new world of green hydrogen includes diverse, different and complex processes – from electrolysis, storage and transport to the utilisation of green hydrogen.

K°Focus provides an overview of the various processes and applications and explains the appropriate heat exchanger solutions that ensure safety and efficiency.

When choosing the optimum heat exchanger, the individual requirements of the operator are decisive. This is because a heat exchanger is an essential component for operating a system not only in an energy and cost-efficient manner, but also reliably.

Factors such as temperature, pressure, media, available space, safety requirements and thermal performance are critical.

K Focus provides quick and easy access to information on suitable heat exchanger solutions.