Greens NSW issued a policy statement committing to a moratorium on the installation of new wood heaters.

The moratorium would remain in place while a new health based standard is developed to ensure they are safe and non-polluting.

The Greens aim to reduce wood heater emissions by at least 90 per cent on current levels.

In a statement the Greens called for the gradual phasing out from urban areas of all wood heaters that do not comply with the new health-based standard.

This is in addition to supporting the research and development of affordable non-polluting domestic heaters and a reduction in the concentration of PM2.5 from other sources.

The New South Wales government has rejected any ban on wood heaters.

The Greens issued a discussion paper on a range of air quality issues which the  Australian Home Heating Association (AHHA) said included misleading information.

AHHA deputy chair, Ashley Stride, said all sources of heating have some emissions even air conditioners. 

“The Australian Standards for wood heating is routinely reviewed and steps have been taken to reduce emissions,” Stride said.

“The AHHA is committed to improving the overall sustainability of the wood industry in Australia and has made significant investments in supporting awareness and implementation of agroforestry projects that create renewable wood resources for home heating. 

“We encourage all Australians and politicians to do their research when it comes to wood heating - one of the most cost-efficient and greenhouse friendly heating options.”


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