SWEP has announced the launch of the B4T Ultra (U) Pressure and the V250AS, two new brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs) for the refrigeration & air-conditioning (AC) markets.

SWEP's new B4U (Ultra Pressure) model has been developed for applications in refrigeration targeting CO2 as the preferred natural refrigerant choice, with a specific focus in water loop applications and small condensing units.

The innovative B4T-U model is compact in size and can withstand transcritical pressures, making it a very competitive solution. This new BPHE model can be used as a condenser, economizer and gas cooler in several refrigerant applications.

The new V250AS evaporator is for the AC market and holds the leading technology in its class, with an operating range between 80kW and 250kW.

It targets reversible chiller applications with a higher temperature approach, making it an excellent choice for medium to low-efficiency applications where the pressure drop over the distribution device needs to be low.

The V250AS joins SWEP's highly successful 250AS range launched in 2016, which also includes the F250AS and P250AS evaporators and the B250AS condenser.

SWEP segment manager for refrigeration and AC, Stefano Bellada, said the company is excited about expanding its offerings.

"BPHEs are one of the most efficient ways to transfer heat and are designed to provide unparalleled performance with the lowest life-cycle cost,” he said.

“Our products are used where heat needs to be transferred efficiently in air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, district energy and industrial applications.”

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