There are are a number of innovative solar products that are changing the heating and cooling landscape in Australia. CCN picks a few providing households with greater self-sufficiency.

Endless Solar has developed technology that can heat water and provide heating and cooling at the same time.

Cool Solar technology is an air conditioning system that uses solar-heated water to produce cool air.

The technology replaces conventional air conditioners with solar-powered thermal compressors. Basically, the hot water injection system pumps hot water at an extremely high velocity causing both cold and hot water to be produced as valuable by-products – making the system an ideal substitute for residential users that rely on power-hungry air conditioning, gas or electrical heating systems.

Solar air conditioning relies on sunlight heating water. Endless Solar has replaced the electrical compressor in a conventional air conditioner with a solar-powered thermal compressor, otherwise known as an “ejector”.

The power is provided in the form of heat, rather than electricity from Australian developed evacuated tube solar water heater collectors. It means far fewer moving parts, lower running costs and decreased maintenance schedules.

Meanwhile, Aussie firm Solahart has launched a solar-smart electric water heater that does a lot more than heat your water.

Known as the Solahart PowerStore it is designed to work with your solar power system, providing a more cost-effective storage solution than a battery.

The Solahart PowerStore system monitors your solar power production and identifies when excess solar energy is available. It then diverts this energy to heat water, rather than allowing it to be fed back into the grid.

It's basically a battery that delivers hot water when required. Upfront costs are much lower than a solar battery making energy storage more affordable.

Moreover, its an Australian innovation that is designed, developed and built here.

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