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Kristian Breitenbauch, CEO of Advansor.
Kristian Breitenbauch, CEO of Advansor.

Advansor is introducing industrial plug-and-play heat pumps to speed up the green transition.

Traditionally, production companies, larger buildings and district heating heavily rely on fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas for their heating needs, which has a detrimental impact on the climate.

The HeatQuantum delivers 200-600kW with a single unit can also be connected in parallel for higher capacities.

The unit performs with a coefficient of performance (COP) up to 3,24 and is based on the natural refrigerant CO2, which is non-toxic, does not harm the ozone layer, and has a global warming potential of just 1.

The air-to-water CO2 heat pump makes it easy to replace old gas and oil burners. With water supply temperature up to 85 degrees Celsius and ability to utilise existing piping, it is an ideal solution for space heating, hot tap water and process heating when refurbishing.

Advansor CEO, Kristian Breitenbauch, said the company has created a futureproof solution to help customers fulfill their climate action goals.

“It is key to move away from oil and gas burners, and with the HeatQuantum this has become easier than ever. We simply need to stop burning things to stay warm.”

According to Breitenbauch, one of the key limitations in the green transition is lack of skilled people onsite.

“We have therefore put a lot of effort into creating a thought-through design that requires a minimum of work onsite,” he said.

“When a HeatQuantum leaves our factory, it is fully assembled and ready to be plugged in and turned on. Just connect water and electricity and you are up and running.

“Sustainable solutions should be an easy choice and by offering large industrial heat pumps on item numbers, I think we have made it easier.”

Defrosting of the evaporators is an important topic when it comes to heat pumps, which are required to run efficiently also at low ambient temperatures.

Therefore, Advansor has designed a product with integrated defrost control and the ability to produce heat during defrosting cycles.

“We developed HeatQuantum specifically with cold climate performance in mind and it runs efficiently at temperatures down to minus 20 degrees Celsius,” Kenneth Bank Madsen, Advansor’s chief technology officer, explained.

“The whole unit is built on a single frame including evaporators and machine unit, which makes it fast and easy to load and unload the heat pump with a crane.”

The HeatQuantum is available in foud different models available as COP optimised, cost optimised or balanced, altogether 11 item numbers.

Kristian Breitenbauch, CEO of Advansor.
Kristian Breitenbauch, CEO of Advansor.