• Bedrock drilling rig.
    Bedrock drilling rig.

Bedrock Energy, a technology startup that designs, constructs, and delivers geothermal heating and cooling systems, has received $US8.5 million in seed capital.

The funding will accelerate manufacturing and deployment of technologies that improve the economics of all-electric geothermal HVAC systems, thus helping real estate properties achieve Net Zero operations.

Bedrock is developing a novel technology stack that combines autonomous drilling and advanced subsurface modelling to triple the speed and space-efficiency of geothermal projects.

These advantages enable geothermal HVAC to fit onto dense, urban locations, with sensors that uniquely validate real-time construction accuracy. Payback periods under five years enable real estate owners and investors to decarbonize large properties with double-digit internal rates of return.

Bedrock Energy CEO, Joselyn Lai, said that for decades, geothermal heat pumps have been the most energy-efficient form of HVAC, but adoption has historically been slow due to the upfront cost, time, and space required to construct the borefields that provide such stellar thermal efficiency.

“We believe our technologies fundamentally change the equation,” she said.

“A huge swath of commercial and industrial real estate can now benefit economically from carbon-free geothermal HVAC due to Bedrock's unparalleled speed, cost, compactness, and reliability—making adoption a logical business and sustainability decision.”