• Alpha Class
    Alpha Class

AAON, Inc. has launched its groundbreaking line of high-performance air-source heat pumps, AAON Alpha Class.

Setting the standard for commercial and industrial air-source heat pump performance, AAON Alpha Class accelerates the adoption of cleaner, more efficient technology that drives the movement for decarbonization forward.

AAON Alpha Class air-source heat pumps are available from two to 70 tonnes and offer outstanding versatility and industry-leading features to meet growing environmental and regulatory needs.

The company's premier HVAC solution is highly configurable and optimized for diverse environments with variable speed compressor technology, all-electric or dual-fuel options, Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) capability, energy recovery, and low global warming potential refrigerant.

AAON Alpha Class is engineered for higher efficiency and lower emissions, utilizing the same double-wall rigid polyurethane foam-injected panel construction AAON is known for, which retains useful heating and cooling energy within the building.

COO at AAON, Stephen Wakefield, said there is no competitor for the Alpha Class.

He said AAON Alpha Class air-source heat pumps can operate reliably at lower ambient temperatures than traditional heat pumps and with higher heating capacities over a wide range of operating conditions.

“The air-source heat pumps perform well in climates where other heat pumps cannot, saving energy-related costs year-round,” he added.

AAON Alpha Class performance is tested and verified down to an ambient temperature of zero degrees Fahrenheit and AAON is currently advancing the equipment's capabilities to perform at sub-zero temperatures in the near future.

Founded in 1988, AAON is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma.