• The B285H has a compact, lightweight design.
    The B285H has a compact, lightweight design.

SWEP has launched its new ultra-pressure SWEP B285H product, targeting applications with single-phase fluids, high heat loads and demanding pressure requirements.

The B285 family complements SWEP's existing transcritical refrigeration product portfolio, which includes the B4T, B18, and B185, making SWEP the one-stop-shop in applications requiring a larger gas-cooler.

SWEP B285H has a new plate pattern optimized for high heat load capacities of up to 550 kW as a gas cooler and for a flow capacity above 50m³/h.

Its compact yet lightweight design becomes an innovative solution for high customer demands in applications such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, heat recovery and heat pumps.

By applying SWEP B285H in a system, the large capacity range yet compact size supports a reduced footprint and lower cost of ownership.

For customers using natural refrigerant CO2, the double plate design delivers a frameless solution that uses less material all while withstanding ultra-high working pressures.

The launch of B285H demonstrates SWEP's commitment to meet customers' demands for innovative and sustainable product solutions that support the transition to environmentally friendly refrigerants.