• The ST75 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meter.
    The ST75 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meter.

The ST75 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meter from Fluid Components International (FCI) provides precise CHgas monitoring to detect hazardous, non-compliant and costly gas leaks.

It is ideal for engineers monitoring natural gas compressors for dry seal leaks of toxic, combustible methane (CH4) gas.

The compact ST75 Series Air/Gas Flow Meters offer accurate, repeatable CH4 measurement to meet environmental regulations, making them the perfect choice for crowded equipment areas where gas monitoring and measurement is essential.

They are direct mass flow measuring, producing flow rate and totalized flow output signals and readouts in kg, tonne of emitted gases for mandated monitoring and reporting. 

The ST75 Flow Meter detects slight changes in flow, making it ideal for use in leak detection. Gas compressor stations commonly utilize dry gas seals that can be a source of fugitive methane emissions.