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New from Riello is the NXHP monobloc air-to-water heat pump, an innovative and sustainable product that offers ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) thanks to the use of R290 natural refrigerant.

Among the stand-out features of this European-manufactured heat pump are its quiet operation and extremely compact footprint to suit small spaces, including balconies.

Riello is a part of Carrier Global Corporation energy and the company’s product manager for heat pumps, Thuy Hoang, said that during development of NXHP the objective was to introduce a number of key features that would deliver value-added advantages to installers and end users.

“The outcome is a highly sustainable and quiet product in a compact dimensional envelope that offers enhanced heating and cooling performance in both residential and light commercial premises,” he said.

R290 refrigerant is an environmentally-responsible option that supports a 99.9% reduction in GHG emissions compared with heat pumps that employ traditional refrigerants, like R410A.

In addition, propane is a very energy-efficient natural gas that needs less energy to deliver the same heating or cooling capacity as conventional synthetic gases.

Confirming this fact is SCOP up to 4.82 and SEER up to 5.34 in all series models, helping users to reduce their energy bills.

Further advantages for end users include exceptionally quiet operation, no more than the rustle of leaves in terms of decibels. Users can reduce this even further by turning on the unit’s silent mode, if required.

Moreover, high leaving water temperature up to 75 C means customers enjoy year-round comfort. Installers also gain from the benefits of Riello’s NXHP which, for example, offers easier handling with reduced weight that starts from just 78 kg.

In addition, the system is compact, featuring a width of just 946 mm, while the simple monobloc design and enhanced layout and structure support easy access and straightforward connections. Commissioning, diagnostics and troubleshooting are simple with the company’s dedicated service app, BluEdge.

NXHP heat pumps from Riello are compatible with low to medium-temperature emitters (underfloor heating, fan coil units, radiators, hydronic cassettes and mixed installations) and high-temperature emitters for renovations (boiler replacement).

The heat pump is also deployable in hybrid systems. Models extend from 4 to 14kW, spanning singlephase (4-14kW) and three-phase (12-14kW) units.