A water wall boiler tube repair system for biomass boilers that precisely cuts tube panels without a HAZ (heat affect zone) and bevels for superior welding end preps has been introduced by Esco Tool.

The MILLHOG Water Wall Boiler Tube Replacement System consists of an APS-438 Air-Powered Saw and Track System that tack welds to the tube panel and cuts with ±3 mm accuracy; along with a Wart MILLHOG Beveler that can bevel, face and bore simultaneously.

Mounting to tubes using a self-centering I.D. clamp system, it can perform any angle of bevel including 30° to 37-1/2° end preps precisely.

Fast and accurate, the MILLHOG Water Wall Boiler Tube Replacement System eliminates torches, HAZ, and grinders, and can also be configured for mem-brane removal to handle tubes with overlay.

This system is ideal for tubes from 19.1 mm to 114.3 mm O.D. and the Wart Beveler uses TiN coated blades to machine carbon steel or highly alloyed tubes without cutting fluids.

The system is available in Australia. Visit:

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