• Gas heater from the Braemer range.
    Gas heater from the Braemer range.

Seeley International has confirmed plans to close its plant in Albury by December, 2025.

More than 120 jobs will be lost as a result of the closure and Seeley has promised workers will be given their full entitlements.

It was just last week when Seeley announced plans to expand capacity at its manufacturing operations in Adelaide to boost exports to the United States.

The company manufactures Braemar gas appliances at its Albury plant and the closure means an uncertain future for the Braemar range.

Seeley group managing director, Jon Seeley, has blamed the Victorian government’s gas ban on the closure.

Seeley has always been a big supporter of the gas industry claiming it has an important role to play in the clean energy transition.

Seeley International founder, Frank Seeley, was even elected to the board of the Australian Gas Association back in 2015.

Victoria and the ACT have both moved away from gas which has been under the spotlight in recent years for all the wrong reasons. Experts have raised concerns about Indoor Air Quality, the climate impact of gas and the rising cost of this price volatile resource.

Climate Council senior researcher, Carl Tidemann, called on state governments to quickly deliver measures that help all Australians kick gas out of their homes for good.

“Ending our dependence on expensive, price-volatile gas should be a top priority for our leaders,” he said.

“Victoria has ended forced gas connections in new homes, while ACT residents can access zero interest loans and grants to electrify their homes. Other states should follow suit.”