Simons Boilers and Airatherm have announced a partnership to strengthen support for Australia's HVAC industry.

By combining expertise and experience, the two companies can take customer support to the next level.

Derek Simons of Simons Boilers said the company has been building steam boilers since 1932.

“We have more than 10,000 boilers in operation across Australia and internationally,” Simons said.

Ian Rich of Airatherm said the collaboration represents over 120 years of combined boiler expertise.

“Airatherm is excited to be part of a new collaboration with Simons Boilers to bring to the Australian market a new generation of high quality Australian made and imported condensing hot boilers,” he said.

“The new generation product range will be supported in conjunction with the existing wide range of steam boilers, hot water boilers and associated products.”

Simons Boilers service technicians have completed indepth training on the full range of Airatherm products and are ready to begin the commissioning and servicing of Airatherm products in New South Wales and Victoria.

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