• YORK CKY 400
    YORK CKY 400

Johnson Controls has re-engineered the industry-leading YORK CYK water to water compound centrifugal heat pump to deliver superior operational savings and stringent sustainability standards.

Now available in a smaller 400-tonne capacity, the newly launched YORK CYK heat pump fills a North American market gap by providing a practical, right-sized decarbonization solution for use in existing commercial building applications.

Todd Grabowski, vice president and general manager of Applied Equipment at Johnson Controls, said the company has evaluated its legacy equipment roster to develop future-ready solutions that meet the rapidly evolving sustainability requirements faced by today’s building professionals.

“The CYK is a prime example of this innovation and supports the brand message of YORK applied equipment that ’We’re Not Waiting for the Future. We’re Engineering It.’ The base design surpasses ASHRAE 90.1 standards for energy efficiency and provides the flexibility to further enhance efficiencies based on the unique needs of each building.”

The YORK CYK can reduce water and operational costs by as much as 50 per cent when compared to traditional boiler and chiller applications.

The YORK CYK heat pump is available with optional ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants, R-1234ze and R-515b, to further support decarbonization and net zero goals.

Additionally, the heat pump delivers high-temperature hot water up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit by utilizing two electric motor-driven centrifugal compressors arranged in series.

The design achieves simultaneous hot and chilled water cooling within the same equipment making it three-to-five-times more efficient than a traditional boiler and chiller combination. With the addition of an innovative double bundle condenser technology, the CYK can effectively manage unbalanced load conditions – high cooling load with low heating load – in a more compact footprint than alternative solutions.

In addition to reduced carbon emissions, the YORK CYK heat pump delivers significant savings through reduced annual water and operational costs, and a streamlined installation process.

The innovative design is compatible with existing high-temperature hot water heating systems, eliminating the need to replace air handlers and terminal heating devices, which is often required to accommodate the lower water temperatures associated with other heat pump products.

When these benefits are combined, building professionals can expect a short-term payback on the equipment investment.