Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are all superstars in our own unique way.

It sounds a little cheesy, I know, but let’s be honest we all try to bring a little greatness to what we do.
We don’t go to work each day striving for mediocrity. We try to raise the bar, to add a little passion and enthusiasm to what we do.  Programs like the HVACR Leadership Awards provide us with an opportunity to recognise industry excellence and celebrate innovation and achievement.

And that’s exactly what we did at the CCN Live breakfast and awards presentation. We created a little magic.
Sure we engaged in a little back-slapping but why not? We all appreciate good work and want to be part of an industry that is striving to make a difference. I think this is why there was such a buzz at this year’s event.

But even during the festivities we had to be reminded of the reasons why being a superstar isn’t just important - it is necessary.

One of the speakers at the event, Richard Sauerman, invited the audience to list the qualities of a superstar. The responses came thick and fast with descriptions like bold, risk-taker, determined.

But when the audience were asked to rate their work performance from one to 10, everyone was a little less forthcoming. When he invited the nines and tens in the audience to raise their hands, there were only one or two responses.

The room average was seven, this is when most of us put our hands in the air. Sauerman wanted to know why there weren’t more nines and tens in the audience. But hey, nobody wants to be seen as egotistical, or worse, delusional.

This simple exercise allowed Sauerman to make his point –  we should all be superstars, or at least act like one.

He told everyone to identify their super power (we all have one) then we can go forth and conquer the world.

That’s right. Live every day to your full potential.

Sounds like a plan to me.

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