System Air director, Patrick Bond, takes the business of contracting seriously.

He has helped build the System Air business for the past 22 years and believes successful companies are continually evolving and never stand still.

“We never stop learning or evolving there is always new technologies, new solutions and it important to challenge yourself; just because we have always done it this way does not make it right,” Bond said.

“This industry is using technology a lot more today and there is so much data available now that can be analysed to deliver informed solutions.”

Bond said it is a privilege to win the Contractor of the Year Award as it represents decades of hard work and commitment.

“We do not take the win lightly and recognize the important contribution that has been made from all of our staff,” he said.

“While this year has been challenging for all it has also provided opportunities for companies to review processes and ask questions – is there a better way of doing this?

“One example is running projects via Zoom and other platforms, the pandemic has made us much more aware of technology options when it comes to doing business.”

Bond said it is great to be able to work in an industry where no two days are ever the same.

But, he said, it is important to be an ethical HVAC solutions provider.

He said contracting shouldn’t just be about price.

“There are a range of factors to consider when dealing with a client from environmental factors to energy efficiency and dealing with waste, noise, plant selection and it all has to be balanced with the financial side of winning work,” he said.

“It is about challenging ourselves to find smarter ways of constructing and maintaining systems.

“It isn’t just about doing a good job, it’s about doing a great job.”

When he isn’t focused on contracting Bond is busy with the serious business of NRL and is a die hard West Tigers fan. He also enjoys spending time with his family.

This year’s Contractor of the Year Award was sponsored by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Australia (MHIAA).

When announcing the winner the company’s general manager of sales and planning, Adrian Brown, said it is an honour to recognise the exceptional work undertaken by contractors and to recognise their achievements.


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