The 32-year-old winner of the Female Rising Star Award, Sabah Massaoudi, loves to learn which may explain why she is such an avid traveller.

Humiscope sales engineer, Sabah Massaoudi, grew up in the south of France and at the tender age of 18 made the decision to travel around the world.

“I love new cultures, languages and people,” she said.

When training as an engineer in Europe Massaoudi couldn’t help but notice she was the only female, it was the same when she joined the workforce.

“From one position to the next I am often the only female,” she said.

“With each new position I have to prove myself and show that a young woman can be as capable as a man and can manage roles with great responsibility.

“Our approach and vision are different which brings a new way of thinking to these companies where innovation is essential.”

Before landing in Australia,  Massaoudi worked professionally in Canada, South America and Asia. She also likes to volunteer regardless of the location.

Her hobbies are mountain sports, art and meditation.

“If you can’t find me on a rock, I will certainly be on top of a mountain drawing or meditating,” she said.

What does it take to be an award winner?

Massaoudi said it is important to be flexible, self-confident, humble and to have plenty of inner-strength.

“Never be afraid to make mistakes and to accept it; it is the best way to learn,” she said.

“Inner strength is necessary too, whatever the situation never give up.”

This year the award was once again sponsored by ABB.

The award sponsor, ABB, firmly believes in nurturing young talent and providing opportunities for our future champions.

The head of motion at ABB, Mike Briggs, said it is important to nurture young talent.

“The future of our industry depends on these rising stars,” he said.

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