HydroChem general manager and Woman of the Year in HVACR Award winner, Christie Deneys, began in the industry as a receptionist at the tender of age of 20.

From the moment she began her receptionist job at Frigrite Air Conditioning Deneys was fascinated by HVAC.

“I was eager to learn and when there was an opportunity to expand my knowledge and try new roles I always had my hand up,” she said.

“The people in this industry have a lot of commitment and passion.”

Deneys worked in a wide range of roles from administration, service and sales to senior management.

“Today I have a great network of support which includes clients, suppliers and colleagues; they have all provided valuable support and advice to me throughout my career,” she said.

Deneys said her role as national general manager at HydroChem is challenging and rewarding.

She said strong, proactive leadership is essential to ensure employees are supported.

“It is almost impossible to achieve our business objectives if employees aren’t supported. Regardless of job title, we all have a critical role to play in successfully achieving our goals,” Deneys said.

“We work in a male dominated industry but time has shown a passionate, driven female can be just as successful as their male counterparts.

“COVID-19 has had a major impact on our industry and it will take time to rebound. But we will recover, and we will all learn and grow from the experience.”

Asked about her plans for the future and Deneys said she wants to continue to empower others and to push the boundaries of change.

“If something hasn’t worked in the past it does not mean it won’t work in the future.

“We love to take an idea as a team and put a fresh spin on it. Test it, amend it, perfect it and make it into a great idea.

“It is important that we never stop challenging ourselves.”

Daikin has sponsored the Woman of the Year in HVACR Award since its inception and this year the winner was announced by Daikin’s general manager of finance, Kathryn Joseph.

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