As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of start-up company RealTime Analytics, Jason Schultz, has set the ambitious goal of digitizing HVACR.

He wants HVACR to embrace the Industry 4.0 revolution and has been running workshops to introduce his innovative product range to the local market.

RealTime Analytics officially launched on July 1, 2019 and its been all systems go from day one.

“The feedback has been extremely positive and our products are already being shipped all around Australia,” Schultz said.

“We have put together a great team that is passionate about the product, we believe we can make a difference.”

The Innovator of the Year Award winner has created a solution to drastically improve customer service, streamline operations and support technicians.

He is passionate about technology but also has plenty of HVACR experience.

Schultz isn't new to HVACR he has worked in the industry for the past 34 years including 10 years as national sales manager at BOC Gases.

“Its important as an industry to embrace change and keep up to date with technology,” he said.

Recognising that one of the biggest challenges facing industry right now is sourcing skilled labour and retaining employees long term, Schultz said his product addresses all of these issues as well as training and safety.

The main device HMT-1 provides the foundation for the Connected Workers program.

“The fully rugged head-mounted device works with software applications across four core categories,” he said.

“It can be applied in a variety of ways but it will streamline the way each company operates.

“Its important for us to understand the needs of our clients from day one to ensure they get the very best from this technology. We want to exceed expectations.”

Asked about his plans for the future, Schultz said it was important to him that he makes an impact on the HVACR industry before retirement.

“I believe this can be achieved through RealTime Analytics,” he said.

Once again Toshiba sponsored the Innovator of the Year Award.

Accepting the award on behalf of Schultz was RealTime Analytics administration manager, Shirley Chittenden.

She was presented with the award by Toshiba sales engineer, Patrick Fernando.

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