This award recognises excellence in sustainability and energy savings. Sponsored by Alfa Laval, it will be presented to a professional that has delivered outstanding achievement in a project showcasing energy efficiency. 

There are four finalists competing for this award, they are:

Richard Popovski is proud of his work with natural refrigerants. As the director of the REFCA Group he provides energy efficient solutions to large retail companies, processing plants, wineries and cold storage facilities. He has accreditation in hydrocarbons and CO2 refrigeration but more importantly, has logged project data showing energy savings of 35 per cent.

Iain Stewart is the creator of Plantscore, software that allows building owners to squeeze the last remaining efficiency out of their centralised chilled water plants. Iain says these efficiencies were previously impossible to find without the data-driven machine learning approach adopted by PlantScore. At Queensland Children’s Hospital Iain has achieved savings of $75,000 per annum.

Julian Hudson is managing director & technical director of Glaciem Cooling Technologies and the man behind three large scale projects all incorporating thermal storage and natural refrigerant systems. Prior to leading Glaciem, Julian was an independent refrigeration consultant specialising in CO2 & NH3 plant design. He was also engineering manager at BITZER for almost five years.

Peter Collins has been in the HVACR industry for more than 25 years and is passionate about energy efficiency. He has an impressive resume solving energy waste problems and using actionable data to make an impact with customers. Calling himself an energy specialist, Peter uses energy & asset monitoring software to transform businesses.



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