Meet CCN's very first HVACR Leader of the Year, Frank Seeley.

Frank Seeley won the main award against an exceptional lineup of industry leaders. These are long-standing and well-known veterans with a strong track record of being high achievers in the HVACR industry.

All three finalists – Frank Seeley, Paul Cooper and Stefan Jensen – have contributed greatly to this industry and deserve recognition for decades of commitment.

But, of course, there can only be one winner and as founder and executive chair of Seeley International, Frank Seeley, has been a pioneer, not just locally but across the globe.

Australian manufacturing isn’t for the faint-hearted but Seeley is dedicated to raising the bar when it comes to business, not to mention his commitment to heating and cooling technology.

More recently Seeley has been busy conquering the US market with the recent acquisition of the Coolerado Corporation, a Denver-based manufacturer of air conditioning systems.

Unable to attend the presentation, his award was collected by Seeley International managing director, Paul Proctor. But even from afar, Seeley had a few words to say about winning HVACR Leader of the Year.

“I am very honoured to receive this award and even more honoured because it is the very first HVACR Leader of the Year Award,” he said.

Seeley said that awards like this can be taken lightly but they represent a responsibility.

“I see Seeley as an industry leader not just in Australia but around the world. We have groundbreaking technology capable of revolutionising the airconditioning industry. Now that is a responsibility,” he said.

As a pioneer, Seeley has grown accustomed to industry naysayers and those that discourage the benefits of technology to move forward.

“There are businesses out there that could be reaping colossal benefits with power savings of 80 per cent, simply by adopting Seeley technology,” he said.

“Climate Wizard is the revolution of the century. There is always opposition but I believe Climate Wizard will silence them.
“Seeley has a huge future but we want to share it with the entire world.”

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