Tradies have never been as important as they are now to the Australian economy which is why the federal government has committed billions of dollars to supporting trade apprenticeships.

For Temperzone tradies are the backbone of the HVACR industry. It is the reason why Temperzone provides a wide range of trade-only products and services.

It is also why Temperzone has once again sponsored the Tradie of the Year Award. Nominations open this Friday, 1 May, when CCN will officially launch the 2021 HVACR Leadership Awards.

Temperzone group brand manager, Damien Walsh, said today’s tradies don’t just have a high level of technical skills they are expected to have great communication skills, a good understanding of the business from problem solving and safety awareness to trouble shooting skills.

“We employ tradies and apprentices not only in our factory but also in technical field support roles and many of our sales and engineering teams have a trade qualification; it is a skill that is highly valued at Temperzone,” Walsh said.

For Temperzone, sponsoring the Tradie of the Year Award is a no-brainer.

“Tradies are extremely important right now and not just tradies in our industry. Australian households spend around $73 billion on trades each year,” Walsh said.

“Supporting tradies is an investment in the future and it is great to see technicians being recognised for their contribution to the industry.

“The skills of a good tradie are always evolving especially with constant changes in technology and there has been a shift in customer expectations which isn’t surprising in such a highly competitive market.”


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