Promek Technologies director, Tony Power, talks to CCN about the cutting edge technologies the company has been busy developing for Australia's HVACR industry.

The innovative products developed by the Sydney-based company includes Thermal XR coating recently released after years of testing and a number of false starts.

Power said Thermal XR is a thermally conductive coil protection coating embedded with pure Graphene particles only 7 Nanometres wide.

“Do a Google search on that one; that’s seven billionth of a metre. This is deep science supported by PHD research,” he said.

“Simply spray this coating onto a degraded condenser and heat exchange is improved immediately, and it improves Coefficient of Performance (COP).

"Service life of very old HVACR systems can be extended by five to seven years. Delay Capex and have a payback.”

Nanofluids improve the thermal conductivity of water and water is the prime working fluid in most large HVACR systems.

“Most people don’t realise that water and glycol are very poor conductors of heat,” Power explains.

“Our soon to be released Graphene Nanofluid is 100% developed and manufactured in Australia and is a game changer.

“Early results show an energy performance improvement in chilled water systems of 11% and its much higher in heating and glycol systems,” he said.

“Just inject our Nanofluid into a closed water loop and energy savings are immediate. Carbon is environmentally safe, no problems there.”

Promek Technologies has also released Vane Boost, a simple but important technology which eliminates condenser air bypass in situations where installers have not made an allowance for proper air movement away from a condenser.

“Condenser air bypass is a serious problem and costs millions of dollars in wasted energy and equipment failures,” he said.

“Vane Boost in effect turns an axial fan into a vane axial, with much higher air velocities. Air is discharged up to 5 meters away from heat exchanger, noise break out is reduced and coil air on velocities have been seen to increase by up to 5.2%.”

Promek Technologies is also the commercial distributor for Envirotemp which improves thermal conductivity on the refrigeration side.

“It's hard to get your head around that one but it is now a proven technology in Australia with high energy saving results. This technology is originally from the United States with over 100,000 successful installations,” he said.

“Coolnomix is much, much smarter than your average smart control. Some of those have been very disappointing in the past and technicians have simply taken them out of service.  

“This controller has two sensors and gives a high level of control and incorporates free cooling from residual evaporator liquid during the off cycle. Our local results have been amazing on refrigeration systems and packaged units up to 100kW.”

Going forward, Power said Promek will continue to develop technologies through 2019 – 2020 particularly nanotechnology.

“These are not just for Australian release but to a broader market. In mid 2019 we will release a patented new concept in HVAC fire and smoke detection that will be a game changer; AS 1668.1 and AS 1670.1 need a shake up.

“There are also some natural refrigerant projects we have been working on, so watch this space.”

The company’s focus has been mostly on heat exchange improvement which is a neglected space in HVACR

“We see an opportunity to improve technologies that are not served well by current HVACR offerings, that’s where we want to be,” Power said.

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