A relatively new entrant to Australia’s commercial refrigeration and industrial equipment market, the Kaldaz company, has celebrated the opening of its new premises in Dandenong South, Victoria.

The relocation will support future growth plans and coincides with the company’s second anniversary in Australia.

Kaldaz will also be participating in the ARBS Exhibition in Melbourne from May 19-21, 2020.

Kaldaz general manager, Peter Collins, said the company’s focus is on high performance, quality products delivering energy cost reductions.

Collins has 28 years sales experience in the HVACR wholesale industry and believes Kaldaz has a solid future.

He said Kaldaz, which is an old Germanic word for cold, has enjoyed steady growth in its first two years of operation.

"Our primary focus is on the medium to large capital equipment end of the industry,” he said adding that the company specializes in its flagship Eden heat exchange evaporators and condensers using EBM Papst, Ziehl AC and Hidria EC fans, and unitary equipment using global brands including Bitzer semi hermetic compressors.

Established in late 2017, Kaldaz was created by applications engineer, Anthony Chandler and commercial director, Mark Bartolo.

Chandler began as a commercial refrigeration mechanic, 38 years ago, before progressing to high level supermarket commissioning and project management, followed by 17 years in wholesaling.

“Refrigeration equipment is expensive so end users are looking for real savings plus there has always been demand for better quality products,” Chandler said.

“Too often equipment has been built with cost cutting in mind sacrificing reliability and the lifespan of equipment. For me that all changed when I came across the Eden heat exchange product and the Far East Group in 2011 at a refrigeration trade show.

“I was impressed with what I saw, it was a high-quality build, cutting edge technology and a heavily Australian influenced design by F.Muller industry icon Allan Ward.”

With its headquarters in Singapore, the Far East Group, which is the parent company of Eden, has been in business in the Asia Pacific region since 1953.

Kaldaz has just released a new line of cool room evaporators known as the Eden G5 range.

The new range boasts even higher coil efficiencies and capacities with some subtle changes to coil face area vs fan ratios.

There are also some minor cosmetic changes, with hinged access panels at each end of the coil for easier servicing.

Electrical junction boxes are now concealed inside the end panel to give a more modern, cleaner look. The FEM kWR range covers from 1.3kWR LT up to 16.1kWR MT @ 6KTD.

Kaldaz also provide an exclusive 3 year warranty on all of its heat exchange products.


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