Totaline's national technical manager for refrigeration and product solutions, Gaj Bhalerao, describes the current HVACR landscape as dynamic. But, he said, Totaline has been quick to take up the challenge.

“From conventional systems, the market is awakening to environmental friendly refrigeration and airconditioning systems,” he said.

“Everyone wants to talk about hydrocarbons, they want to know how the products can be used and are keen to take up training.

“Totaline Australia is proud to have taken up the hydrocarbon challenge providing the training and the products for their use; its important to be at the forefront of these changes.

“Customers are very pleasantly surprised to see us offering conventional as well as new eco-friendly units in refrigeration and airconditioning categories.”

But getting to this point wasn't easy, Bhalerao admits the wholesaler had to ensure it had covered the entire spectrum of products.

From a wholesaler known for offering Carrier spares to a wholesaler offering good quality capital equipment for refrigeration needs, he said Totaline extended its reach to include everything from cabinet coolers manufactured in Australia –for medium, low and dual discharge applications to basic and packaged condensing units from +5 to -35 deg.C to suit the high ambient conditions - it’s all in the mix.

Earlier this year at ARBS 2018, Totaline launched the Pioneer range of Aircon units from 2.5 to 8 kw with ENGAS hydrocarbons, an easy retrofit bringing great savings.

“This has been a huge success.We have very happy end users and contractors, using our products all over Australia, the progress has been steady and its increasing every day,” he said.

“This summer is set to be the hottest and we are ready.

“Totaline has 11 branches all over Australia, and our friendly branch managers are well equipped to handle customer questions and provide plenty of support.

“Our leadership team is hands-on they don't mind getting their hands dirty if it means making things happen.”

Totaline today is associated with many International brands like Embraco, Frascold, Danfoss, Sanhua, Eliwell, TESTO ,Ranco, Parker Sporlan, Zoomlock as well as many others and also proudly supports local companies like Actron Controls, Tesuco , Pro Pipe and many more.

“Totaline is equipped to support the contractor and tech with whatever they require. Want to make some changes to a Totaline packaged unit? Then order whatever parts you need and build up your own unit for any unique application,” Bhalerao said.

“Our dynamic team has technical expertise as well as commercial experience from heat load selection through to equipment decisions.”

Totaline has a refrigeration guide for customers to help with cool room and freezer selection.

“Totaline has come of age and as the HFC phasedown takes hold this will become more evident; we are already on the front foot offering products and training support,” he said adding that the relaxed atmosphere at Totaline branches is a reflection of the wholesaler's motto: Making life easy for you.

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