As Sydney suffered through its warmest summer on record, temperatures soared to 47 degrees by day and up to 27.5 degrees by night.

Businesses from all sectors were faced with battling the heatwave and keeping their staff and customers comfortable during the stifling heat.

The true test of any industrial grade air conditioner is its ability for sustained performance during such extreme temperatures.

For larger commercial spaces this was particularly pertinent, as companies relied on the very best in commercial air conditioning to provide a cool change.

One of these businesses was the new Bunnings at Kingsgrove NSW, which was faced with the task of cooling a large two-level warehouse space.

At 16,000 square metres, this Bunnings site which opened in October 2016, was one of its largest in the region and it was the installation of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) robust 14 KX system that provided the cool relief in-store.

The KX system is an extremely versatile operating unit, with superior performance and technology that makes it ideal for expansive spaces. Additionally, as MHI residential split systems are readily available to purchase at Bunnings, it was an ideal opportunity for collaboration.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) worked extensively in conjunction with the contractor PTAC from the commencement of the project to ensure a smooth delivery and installation of the units, which were required to be air lifted on to the roof of the complex via helicopter.

“When dealing with an installation of this scale, it’s imperative that all the details and logistics are meticulously planned and executed,” MHIAA NSW state manager, Ross Ayden, explains.

“Bunnings Kingsgrove is on the corner of two busy main roads, so the only option was to have the 14 KX systems air lifted and installed onto the roof. Their robust and durable nature ensured they were able to withstand this type of installation.”

Using the helicopter eliminated road closures and the added down times of relocating and resetting the crane. The helicopter drop also provided greater flexibility for the installer teams and less impact on local environment.

Each of the 14 KX units has the ability to be controlled individually or in harmony, making them extremely versatile and the ideal solution for climate control of different areas.

This provides an attractive advantage for large buildings comprised of multiple businesses in that each space can be individually controlled and subsequently billed.

The preference for Bunnings Kingsgrove was to have their large space cooled in unison from the one controller. The installed KX condenser models on site comprised a mix of MHIAA’s FDC450KXZE1 and FDC400KXZE1.

These CDUs were installed in a modular manner allowing five independent operating systems. In warmer weather, the system eliminates humidity from the air providing a more comforting air flow indoors.

The unit has been operating in the retailer for over seven months now and continues to provide the ideal cooling and heating solution.

For construction companies or developers looking to install air conditioning on their next project, Mitsubishi Heavy has these recommendations for seamless installation:

1 Ensure that the selected model complies with the project’s design needs and specifications.
2 Develop and agree the initial equipment schedule with your supplier, allowing for ongoing revisions that are naturally experienced in project delivery.
3 Select a supplier that can be flexible and reactive to varying project and site conditions.
4 Invest in equipment with a proven track record.
5 Strong technical support is required through every project phase from design through to installation and post-sale.

For more information contact Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-conditioners Australia Pty Ltd at 9C Commercial Road, Kingsgrove NSW 2208 or call 1300 138 007

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